Student Involvement

  • How much does it cost to attend and what does that price include?

    The registration fee is $75. This fee covers transportation from pick up locations to WSU and back, lodging for 2 nights, meals, t-shirt, conference materials, and swag.

  • Why is there a registration fee?

    The registration fee allows for more students to participate in the conference. It costs us $300 per student to put on the conference. When you get accepted into the conference, you get a discount of $225 off the total cost. $75 is the only cost each student will have to pay to participate and have an enjoyable experience.

  • Where are the pick-up locations for the buses and what time?

    • Seattle: Parking lot of Nordstrom next to Bahama Breeze at the West Field (formerly South Center) Shopping Center at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, November 12th for a 7:30 a.m. departure.

    • Othello: Pick up at parking lot of Othello High School parking lot at 10:00 am on Friday, November 12th for an 10:30 am departure.

    • Tacoma: Parking lot of Tacoma Mall, in front of Krispy Kreme  at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, November 12th for a 7:30 a.m. departure.

    • Yakima: Pick-up at parking lot of Bi-Mart store at 8:00 am on Friday, November 12th for a 8:30 am departure.

    • Pasco/Tri-Cities: Pick-up at parking lot of Pasco High School at 9:30 am on Friday, November 12th for an 10:00 am departure.

    • Wenatchee: Pick-up at parking lot of Eastmont High School, Wenatchee (955 3rd St NE, East Wenatchee, WA 98802) at 8:00 am on Friday, November 12th for an 8:30 am departure.

    • Ephrata: Pick-up at parking lot of Ephrata High School at 9:30am on Friday, November 12th for a 10:00am departure.

    *Other possible pick up locations being discussed are Quincy and Walla Walla.*

  • Where can I find a hard copy application packet?

    There are no hard copy application packets this year. All interested students must apply online.

  • Do you have to be a Junior or Senior in order to attend?

    Juniors and seniors will receive priority over sophomores and freshmen, but all students are encouraged to apply.

  • Why are there four people to a room?

    Because of ongoing pandemic, students should be aware they will most likely be housed 2 in a Double Queen room. This is due to budget constraints. Students are encouraged to bring sleeping bags if they feel the need. Rooming assignments will be determined at time of check in.

  • Is it possible to change my room assignment to people I know?

    All participants are allowed to choose a roommate with the understanding that we will do our best to accommodate those needs, but that there is no guarantee. 

  • If I wanted a private room, could I pay the difference?

    Unfortunately, no, because we host so many students at the conferences, there are not any available rooms at the hotel.

  • What about special dietary needs?

    If you have dietary needs, please let us know in your registration information, so we can make the necessary arrangements.

  • What should I pack when I come? What should I prepare for?

    You will receive a confirmation letter once you are approved with additional information, and here are some suggestions:

    What to Bring:

    Lunch for Friday, personal hygiene products (shampoo, deodorant, soap, etc. - some will be available at the hotels), comfortable and warm clothing/shoes, water bottle, alarm clock, snacks for the bus ride and during the weekend, attire for the banquet (semi-formal or business), a small backpack, sleeping bag (if desired).

    What not to Bring:

    Electronics (IPods, PSPs, etc.) that might be stolen or broken, weapons, drugs, alcohol, a bad attitude.

    In attending the Conference, participants should be prepared to:

    • Attend and participate in each session of the Conference, understanding that participation can mean listening, sharing viewpoints, fully participating in the experiential activities or supporting those who do.
    • Refrain from using alcohol or other drugs while at the conference. This will result in immediate dismissal from the conference at their own expense.
    • Take responsibility for their own learning.
    • Agree to ask questions if they don't understand, participate even if they have done an activity before, and challenge themselves to step out of their "comfort zone."
    • Respect individual differences and the dignity of all people.
    • Keep an open mind and strive to learn a new perspective on the world.
    • Not leave the Conference property without permission from a University Official.
    • Respect the conference property and treat it accordingly.
    • Engage others in the lifelong learning process after the conclusion of the Conference.
    • Do a lot of walking around campus

  • How will I know that all of my material was received?

    You will receive an email confirmation concerning your application. You may also be contacted via phone if we need to follow up, so please be sure you include a working phone number in your online application.

  • If I've attended one of the conferences before, can I attend again?

    Yes, you can, however priority will be given to students that have never attended.

  • Can I invite my friend to come if their school is not listed on the list of target schools?

    Yes, you can invite others to apply. All high school students are welcomed to participant.

  • Can one of my parents attend with me?

    Yes, your parent can apply to attend as a chaperone. They will need to fill out the chaperone application form, complete a background check form and pay the chaperone fee if they are selected. All chaperones will be notified if they are accepted, as we are usually unable to accommodate all chaperone applicants.

  • I've been to a visitation event at WSU before, will this conference be the same as that?

    No, this conference is organized by current college students and is aimed at giving you the resources and experience of college with a specific focus on Latina/o Chicana/o culture.

  • What are the selection criteria?

    The selection criteria is based upon class status, essay question, GPA, initiative, involvement and demand.

  • How many students are accepted to attend?

    Generally speaking, we receive around 400 applications and we accept approx. 200 participants. However, because of the pandemic, this year we are limiting capacity to about 100.

  • What does it mean when it says this conference is "student led"?

    By 'student led' we mean students that attend WSU plan, organize, and run the conference. WSU students created and developed CASHE from its inception, which creates a very unique and empowering experience.